Northumbria Community in France
Northumbria Community in France

L' Abri à Savigny

Exploring New Monasticism

-- Interior of chapel --



Rhythm of the Day


08:30     Breakfast

09:30     Morning Office

10:00     Work

13:00     Lunch and

              Midday Office

14:00     Reflection and Prayer

15:00     Work/Recreation

18:00     Evening Office

19:15     Supper

20:00     Recreation/reading


21:30     Compline

22:30     House quiet


Le Rythme du Jour 


08:30    Petit Déjeuner

09:30    Offices du Matin

10:00    Travail

13:00    Offices de Midi et                         Déjeuner

14:00    Méditation et prière

15:00    Travail/Loisirs

18:00    Offices du Soir

19:15    Diner

20:00    Jeux/Lecture    


             temps de partage et                 de convivialité

21:30    Compline

22:30    Maison calme





Where We Are

---- St Hilaire du Harcouet ----


We are situated in Basse Normandie in the Manche region of France. The Retreat Centre is off the D976 near Saint Symphorien des Monts, between St Hilaire du Harcouët and Buais. It is in the Commune of Savigny-le-Vieux, and is within an easy drive of the D-Day beaches, Mont St Michel and its bay, as well as the beaches of the Western side of the Cherbourg peninsula. The area is known for its seafood, calvados, cider and cheesemaking.


Near Cancale looking over the bay of Mont St Michel




When we receive your booking, we will give you detailed directions and the co-ordinates for a SatNav in order to find the property.




Beach at Carolles - ideal for children, and reached in 50 minutes from Savigny-le-Vieux.

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