Northumbria Community in France
Northumbria Community in France

L' Abri à Savigny

Exploring New Monasticism

-- Interior of chapel --



Rhythm of the Day


08:30     Breakfast

09:30     Morning Office

10:00     Work

13:00     Lunch and

              Midday Office

14:00     Reflection and Prayer

15:00     Work/Recreation

18:00     Evening Office

19:15     Supper

20:00     Recreation/reading


21:30     Compline

22:30     House quiet


Le Rythme du Jour 


08:30    Petit Déjeuner

09:30    Offices du Matin

10:00    Travail

13:00    Offices de Midi et                         Déjeuner

14:00    Méditation et prière

15:00    Travail/Loisirs

18:00    Offices du Soir

19:15    Diner

20:00    Jeux/Lecture    


             temps de partage et                 de convivialité

21:30    Compline

22:30    Maison calme





The Development at L'Abri à Suvigny and now at L'abri à Savigny-le-Vieux



Since beginning our vision in 2004, the developments at L' Abri have been incredibly encouraging - on the community and spiritual front, as well as the physical development of the house and grounds. God has been, and continues to be, so good to us. He is constant in his promise to be with us in good and bad times, to be faithful as we step out in faith, and to be trustworthy as we learn to let go and let Him take us and others where He wants to. We are all on a journey, and this is what is important, not finishing or reaching the goals we might think are important. We continue to hold before us His promise in the words of Jesus....


'I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.' (John 15:5)


These words were true 16 years ago when our vision started being put into practice, and are no less true as we enter the next chapter of L'Abri, in a different location, not far away, and with the same ethos and understanding. We have come a long way in our development and the vissicitudes of life, but God remains faithful, and walks with us through it all. We hope you will find blessing from sharing in our story, either online, or in person. May the blessing of God remain with you, and may His face shine upon you as He gives you His peace, which passes all understanding.









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