Northumbria Community in France
Northumbria Community in France

L' Abri à Savigny

Exploring New Monasticism

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Rhythm of the Day


08:30     Breakfast

09:30     Morning Office

10:00     Work

13:00     Midday Office and


13:30     Reflection and Prayer

14:30     Work/Recreation

18:00     Evening Office

19:15     Supper

20:00     Recreation/reading


21:00     Compline

22:00     House quiet








Prayer Requests


  • Thinking and vision – sensing next steps and remaining faithful in prayer and contemplation.
  • Spiritual – guidance on outreach and international links.
  • Relational – developing relationships with the Northumbria Community as well as the French and wider European context


  • Personal – blessing the people who are connected with L’Abri à Savigny in every way.

  • if you have prayer requests to share with us, please tell us via the 'contact us' so that we can pray for you.

Statue of St Aidan of Lindisfarne with the torch of the Gospel




If you would like to support our work

at L' Abri à Savigny in prayer or financially, please contact us on

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