Northumbria Community in France
Northumbria Community in France

L' Abri à Savigny

Exploring New Monasticism

-- Interior of chapel --



Rhythm of the Day


10:00     Morning Office

10:30     Work/retreat    


12:30     Midday Office and


13:30     Reflection and Prayer

14:30     Work/Recreation/

              Retreat programme

18:00     Evening Office

20:00     Recreation/reading


21:30     Compline

22:00     House quiet







A Northumbria Community House of Christian Retreat and hospitality in Southern Normandy – France – has been established for people to come and stay, following a monastic rhythm to the day.

Its inspiration and vision comes from the Celtic tradition of Christianity, deriving much from the Celtic Saints of Europe, as well as the Desert Fathers and Mothers of the Middle East.

Its core religious beliefs are based on a simple Christian creed, with a firm commitment to the triune God, ‘seeking His face’ as ‘the one thing necessary’; thereafter being prepared to go ‘wherever the Father leads.’

The original house and grounds were at Suvigny, Romagny.









The original house, and the prayer garden and barn.



-- Prayer garden and barn --




The new location is at Savigny le Vieux - also in Basse Normandie.









The chapel dating back to the 1700s at L'Abri a Savigny.

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